Quran Competition

Sources for learning:

Sheikh Al-Husary - Teaching Quran    ///////    Interpretations of the Quran

The North Wales Islamic Societies Web Site is pleased to announce the results of the competiton for Quranic Recitation and Memorisation. The competition was open to young Muslims in North Wales.

First Prize: Notebook Computer

 Winner: Sister Deema Al Sheikh

Second Prize: £100

 Winner: Brother Hazem Al Sheikh

 Third Prize: £50: Winner: Isa Hijazi;  

4th & 5th Prize: £25 each:  Jawaher Al Rashada  & Dialla Al Arab

To enter the competition you needed to be a Muslim who is 18 years or less by July 2008 and live in North Wales.

To win, you neededto recite from memory and have a general understanding of

  • Surat 36 - Yaseen,
  • Surat 55 - Al Rahman
  • Surat 61 - As'Saaf,
  • Surat 62 - Al Juma'ah,
  • Surat 67 - Al Mulk, and
  • Juz Amma (Sura 78 Al Nabae to Sura 114 Al Naas)

Testing has now been completed.  Congratulations to all the winners.