The Team

It is from the blessing of Allah on Muslims in Bangor is that it benefits from the famous University of Wales - Bangor which attracts a great number of Muslim Professors as well as Muslim Students from all over the world. 

The Mosque itself has a strategic position in the middle of the High Street and surrounded by many University buildings allowing local and student Muslims to attend the five daily prayers regularly.

Additionally, Bangor benefits from one of the largest General Hospitals in the area and employs many Muslim doctors.

The Bangor Islamic Centre is an Official UK Registered Charity (No. 9727 111) and its operation and management is entrusted to 5 of the well renowned Muslims (Mr. A Mia, Dr. Ayad AbdulMawla, Dr. J. Dulaymi, Dr. M. Swessi, A. Hamdouni, and Imam M. Khan).

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Imam Mirwas Khan offering a present 
to one of the Students of the Quranic School

The Green Box shows the Mosque (No.53-59) and Surrounding University Buildings