The Extension

Updated: 29th Aug 2012

Currently the mosque (No. 61 High Street) is made of the "Garden" of No. 59 High Street and the Front and Garden of No. 57 High Street.   (The photos below and to the right show the current and proposed buildings required)

We aim to purchase the two neighbouring building (No. 55 + 53 High Street) which are shown in the side photos as the red buildings.

Effectively, the extension will focus on extending into the gardens of the purchased buildings which are shown with the yellow and orange rectangles.

An extended possibility is to also purchase the garage at the back of the mosque which will allow additional space in front of the mosque.

With the proposed extension, the size of the prayer area of No. 61 will double.  

The actual front of the buildings (No. 57, 55, and 53) will be converted into a much needed Muslim Student Accommodation that will ensure a Waqf income for the Islamic Centre to the tune of £45,000 per annum. 

Whilst the final shape of the mosque is still under development, the Architecture drawing below gives an example of the potential view that will be seen from most of the City and especially from the Car Park of the newly build ASDA Super Market where it is expected that up to 15,000 persons will be dwelling each day allowing the mosque to become a beacon for Islam with the Will of Allah. 

canon 155.jpg