The financial cost of the extension shown on the side remain preliminary until such time the architect completes all the details including:

  • Final Offers on the buildings
  • Cost of Accommodation Development
  • Internal Segmentation of Services (Prayer and Wash Areas, etc)
  • Number of Doors and Sizes
  • Consideration for a School
The proposed costs represent the mid-high end of the scale and we expect to better these amounts.

It is worth considering also that if the accommodation of Nos. 57, 55, 53 are appropriately converted, they can be rented to Muslim Students with a potential income of up to £45,000 per annum.   This amount can be used to off set a 10 years loan (Qardth Hasan) to permit us to purchase the buildings for the extension. 

We will continue to update this site to reflect any new details as they become known.

24th Ramadan 1433 / 12th Aug 2012

Cost of Buildings 
No. 55 - As requested by Owner £315,000-
No. 53 - As requested by Owner £275,000-
No. 49 including Garage £425,000-
Cost of Building the Extension 
To build 250sqm in the Gardens of No. 55 + 53 High Street £375,000-
Cost of Developing Front of 57, 55 and 53 as Student Accommodation     £75,000-
Potential Income from Accommodation 
Rent of 18 Flats (6 in each building) for a period of 10 months of every year @ £250 per month        £45,000+